Stay At Home, Stay Safe: A normal service will resume shortly.

It’s a crazy time right now and clearly everyone’s mind is on other things at the moment.

A lot of what I do here almost feels pointless now, as people settle in to a new life working from home, looking after children kept home from school, and people come to accept being cut off from friends and relatives.

It is equally important to look ahead to when things will get better (and they will), and also stress the importance of staying at home wherever possible and keeping your distance from others.

At this time, I’ll be balancing home schooling of an eight year old with my other job working on the railway, ensuring key workers can get to and from work.

A lot of what I write about, such as going around testing networks, or travelling around taking photos indoors and outdoors for the many open galleries on here, is now firmly on pause.

It would be absolutely and totally irresponsible to continue doing any of that right now.

I am also holding back on some reviews as I don’t think people are thinking about buying a new phone right now. Once things settle down and people are getting acclimatised to being cooped up indoors, I will deliver the content then.

I will still post the odd news story, and certainly plan to cover some big upcoming phone launches (Huawei P40 series, OnePlus 8 series etc), and I hope you’ll still visit the site in the meantime to look through the many photo galleries and features, but please understand why things will be quieter for a little bit.

Finally, once again, my advice to everyone is stay home, stay safe, stay well and save lives. We will all get through this if every single one of us does out part.

Be safe everyone!

Jonathan Morris


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