Cutting through the nonsense of the crazy 5G conspiracy theories [Updated]

5G has been in the news a lot these last few days, for all the wrong reasons. Here are some links to try and break through the craziest theories doing the rounds.

Letter from all the networks
An joint letter from the mobile networks

We’ve sadly gone from crazy people posting silly links from their bedrooms, to offensive theories about a link between 5G and Coronavirus, to the very serious situation that has seen people set fire to base stations – putting many people at risk of losing vital communications.

It’s clearly gone from almost comical to deadly serious, and it seems both the UK Government and mobile industry are now working hard to try and end this nonsense once and for all.

In the near future, social media companies are going to be asked to step up their policing of such material being posted and shared online – although it seems it might be too little, too late.

I’ve posted my fair share of comments and opinions on Twitter, Facebook and web forums over the last week, but simply do not have the time to write a detailed counter attack of the huge amount of stuff being posted and shared daily – although I am happy to see that some sites and videos I reported have since been taken down.

Fortunately a number of people have taken the time to compile very detailed articles and videos to counter these attacks, so I’ve taken the liberty of linking to them so all of these articles can be easily found in one place.

Written content

The Buzzfeed link is perhaps quite significant in that it doesn’t seek to address the conspiracy theories themselves, but rather talk about how many people behind them profit from the gullible. (You didn’t think they merely did this for fun, did you?)

Follow the links and you’ll invariably end up finding a site selling some form of protection, or a cure, or ask you to donate to a cause. All the time asking you to share the links to let the world know the ‘truth’ (and also spend money).

I’ve even found a site that monthly subscription, Netflix style, to access a huge library of crazy ill-informed videos. Frankly, Netflix has enough fiction and comedy to keep you going, so save your money.


More links

If you have any good links, please post them in the comments below.


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