Voxi offers unlimited video streaming and social from £15 a month, with 5G

Voxi, Vodafone’s youthful virtual network, is offering customers unlimited video streaming on six video platforms, plus unlimited social media access, from just £15 per month.

Users of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer (bringing Freeview channels to mobile) and UKTV Play are all covered, some of which will require a separate subscription.

Prices start at £15 per month for a plan with all of this, plus endless (unlimited) social media, calls, texts and picture messages, and 15GB of data for everything else.

Voxi users even get access to 5G at no extra charge.

Now, 15GB of data might not sound like much on a 5G plan but consider the fact that a significant chunk of data usage in any given month is likely to be streaming video. If that’s free then you may actually struggle to consume 15GB.

If you do require more data then there’s a 45GB plan for just £5 per month more.

Remember, the endless social media covers all your data usage for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

If you’re already on a 15GB or 45GB plan, it will be upgraded to the new Endless Video plan when it refreshes.

“Video streaming is one of the most popular things our VOXI customers do on their phones and we’ve seen this increase over the last few months as they use video platforms and social media for a range of things like learning, socialising or simply entertainment. By adding Endless Video streaming to our existing Endless Social plans, our customers can enjoy the content they really want, without having to worry about their data usage.

“With VOXI, young people have the freedom to access content and channels that they love, with simple, cost-effective price plans – on a mobile network they can count on.”

Dan Lambrou, Head of Youth and Mass segments at Vodafone UK

More information: Voxi


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