EE is now offering unlimited data on its 4GEE Home broadband service [Updated]

EE is now offering an unlimited 4G home broadband service, priced at £55 per month on a 18-month contract.

Available only with the 4GEE Home Router 2 it seems, there are now a wide range of plans available with varying plan terms and upfront costs.

As you can see from the table below, unlimited data is now just £5 per month more than the 500GB plan where things maxed out previously, but the 100GB-500GB plans are also available as 1-month rolling contracts in addition to 18-months, but with a higher up-front cost.

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The Home Router 2 measures 240x155mm and is 29.5mm high, with a weight of 440g. It is mains powered only, and includes support for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) at 2.4 and 5GHz. The 4G modem is Cat 12 (600Mbps down/100Mbps up).

Up to 64 devices may be connected at once, and the router also includes 4 Ethernet ports too.

EE also gives users a 5GB mobile data boost on a phone contract as long as you are using the router (terms and conditions apply).

It is worth noting that while EE is offering unlimited data on pay-monthly phone contracts – which will work in a router – it is technically not allowed for these SIMs to be used in routers and EE claims to have the means to detect multiple devices being used at once. It might not be the case that anything happens right now, but EE does say it can introduce a cap on speeds or move users onto other business plans (at higher cost).

In addition, it has recently imposed a limit of 600GB per month on its unlimited plan as a fair use policy, whereby it reserves the right to reduce the speed of the service. [Update] The updated T&Cs for 4GEE Home shows that the 600GB fair use policy applies on this service too, as well as the annual CPI increase, so the headline has been changed to reflect this.

You’ll also see that unlimited data is NOT available with 5G mobile broadband products, where there is currently a limit of 200GB per month and higher pricing.

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(Main image shows the original 4GEE Home Router)


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