OnePlus sends out teasers for upcoming OnePlus 9 launch; includes ice cream for astronauts in invitation pack

The new OnePlus 9 family will launch soon under the strapline ‘Something new is on the horizon’.

As has already been suggested from various leaked photos showing Hasselblad branding on an alleged OnePlus 9 Pro, and a photo from the moon in social media posts that was taken on the moon with a Hasselblad camera, it’s pretty obvious a connection will be revealed when the 2021 flagship is officially announced.

OnePlus is inviting people to sign up on its website to learn more about the upcoming handsets, which will likely include a new smartwatch too, and I’ll be covering the launch of all these new products when it happens.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear whether the arrival of astronaut food means OnePlus is about to embark on the most adventurous press trip ever, which during a global pandemic might make a launch event on the moon a pretty good idea. I just pity the poor people who have to try and arrange all the logistics.

Perhaps tuning in to watch developments on YouTube, or as I live Tweet the event as it unfolds, would be a more sensible option.

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