Nokia relaunches iconic 6310, alongside rugged XR20, C30 and new accessories line

Nokia has today launched a series of new products, including its first ruggedised Nokia XR20, and a retro relaunch of the Nokia 6310.

Nokia 6310

For the older readers here, the Nokia 6310 was part of a series of phones in the late 1990s and early 2000s that were considered the ultimate business phones – with many companies seeking out stock of the 6310 and 6310i for years after they were discontinued to work with the many accessories (such as car kits), chargers and interchangeable batteries that they already had.

Of course, the new Nokia 6310 shares nothing with its predecessor besides a similar look and form factor. It is of course a more modern day phone, with a colour screen for a start, as well as dual-SIM support and other features the originals lacked.

Nokia XR20

Nokia has pointed out that it does still have Snake – and now it costs just £49, which is considerably less than the original.

The main product in the launch lineup is of course the XR20, which packs in a 6.67-inch display, extra loud speakers, a 4,630mAh battery with wired and wireless charging, plus 5G support and even Wi-Fi 6 (an impressive inclusion for a phone running on Qualcomm’s more budget Snapdragon 480 platform).

Priced at just £399 (4+64GB) or £449 (6+128GB), the XR20 is more likely to appeal to businesses of today – even if the 6310 reboot did trigger my feelings of nostalgia.

Pre-order the Nokia XR20
Nokia C30

The other new phone is the Nokia C30, coming in September on Three, which is an Android 11 (Go edition) smartphone with a 6.82-inch (720p) display, simple 13+2MP dual camera setup, 2GB of RAM and 32GB (expandable) storage, 6,000mAh battery (10W charging), 4G-only and Wi-Fi 4. It also comes with a microUSB charging socket, which is presumably there for likely customers having older chargers and cables from even older and more basic phones. The C30 will retail for £99.

Clarity Earbuds Pro

Finally, Nokia announced four new lines of audio accessories; Go (ultra high value), Micro (compact form factor), Comfort (self explanatory), and Clarity (top-of-the-range with latest tech integration).

To kick things off, Nokia has launched the Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro, available in September for £99. These sit alongside the Nokia Comfort Earbuds+ and Earbuds Pro, and the Nokia Go Earbuds+.

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