Oppo reveals young Brits consider music on the move more important than bringing their wallet

Thanks to mobile payments now being a thing, it may not be a total shock to learn that young people (18-24) rank access to music on the move as being more important than having a wallet.

Chances are you’ve already gotten somewhat used to making payments using your smartphone, and with many transactions being cash-free, it has never been more possible to go out without a wallet.

But when it comes to enjoying music, Oppo recently conducted a survey of 2,000 British people that found they all thought access to music was of great importance – and it’s the younger people polled that revealed they’d sooner go without their wallet than a means of enjoying music on the go.

What’s more, there are a number of reasons why music on the move is considered so important.

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37% of respondents use music to drown out the sound from colleagues, but higher than that is 72% that said music evoked powerful memories (indeed, many have visited places on holiday because they featured in songs). 23% of Brits also have one song they turn to when they feel heartbroken.

Meanwhile, 18% stated that music made them declare their love for someone.

Of course, any survey comes with a plug for a product – and in this case, Oppo is hawking its Enco X2 true wireless earbuds – that come with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, and a sleek design.

At £169, you can find out more about the Enco X2 wireless earbuds here.

LONDON, 25 May, 2022 — Listening to music has become the rhythm of our life in the UK, according to research led by OPPO. A survey of 2,000 consumers across the UK conducted by Mortar Research, showed just how important music has become in our everyday lives. Headphones (45%) are fast catching up to wallets (56%) as the most essential item for leaving the house – and in fact 18–24-year-olds would already prioritise their headphones when heading out the door (60% v 46%).

“Half of my heart is in Havana”

The findings demonstrate how music powers our everyday life in the UK – with Brits saying listening to music on their headphones is what helps them work, shop, workout and even declare love. Findings reveal they’ve visited places on holiday just because they’re in their favourite songs (17%) and made life changing decisions inspired by songs (13%), while music makes us declare our love for people (18%) and evokes our most powerful memories (72%).

The findings come as OPPO’s latest flagship Enco X2 true wireless earbuds hit the UK. Offering outstanding sound performance, sound personalisation, adaptive noise cancellation, exceptional design and comfort and a long battery life of up to 40 hours, the company’s new flagship wireless earbuds balance impressive noise cancellation abilities and pristine sound to set a new benchmark for flagship audio – letting consumers listen to the songs they love, wherever they are. Enco X2 wireless earbuds are priced at £169.

“Music has the power to evoke our favourite moments, but it’s technology that allows us to enjoy it wherever, whenever we want,” said Charleen Fang, Managing Director, OPPO UK. “OPPO’s new Enco X2 wireless earbuds allow you to lose yourself in the music – and focus on achieving that PB, getting that piece of work done or simply enjoying your guilty pleasure.”

“Shout out to my ex”

When it comes to shaping our mood, it really is all about the sound of music. A quarter of Brits (23%) have a particular song they turn to when feeling heartbroken and 2 in 5 (39%) have one artist they listen to on repeat when getting over a heartbreak. Half (50%) say they have their ‘own anthem’ – a song that inspires them – while 38% have a special song they turn to cheer themselves up or get motivated.

“Baby, now we got bad blood”

But it’s fair to say that we’re not always using music as a force for good. The same respondents told us they resort to music to drown out colleagues (37%), while a quarter (25%) said they play music they know will annoy their partner when they’ve fallen out.

“Please don’t stop the music!” –  10 more headline stats

1.      18–24-year-olds more likely to take headphones than a wallet when leaving house (60% v 46%)

2.      41% of people consider headphones/earphones ‘essential’

3.      53% have playlists that reflect ‘a soundtrack to our life’

4.      The younger generation are most likely to resort to music to drown out the sound of colleagues at work (52% 18-24, 48% 25-34)

5.      43% of Brits say that if their headphones stop working they finder it harder to get things done

6.      19% reach for headphones ‘whenever I want to shut out the noise around me’

7.      We listen to 9hrs 12mins on average per week

8.      34% have travelled more than 100 miles to see a favourite band/artist perform

9.      25% have a song they associate with the first love of their life

10.   18% even avoided social occasions just so they could stay at home and listen to music

Oppo Press Release, May 25th 2022


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