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Oppo Reno 8 Pro Review: First look at camera photos and video

Having had the Reno 8 Pro for such a short time, I’ve only just begun to crack on with my review – but here are some photos taken while at the launch event in Paris.

With the MariSilicon X NPU doing so much on the image processing, the results from the camera seem very similar to that of the considerably more expensive Find X5 Pro.

While of course that’s a fantastic phone, in this current financial crisis, you can be excused for perhaps wanting to save a bit of money during a period of such uncertainty – and that’s where the Reno 8 Pro (or the other models in the range) may offer a more sensible alternative, and without having to compromise.

This is just a first impression of the phone camera, and I’ll have a lot more testing to do in a range of conditions and locations, but I came away impressed.

Other things of note is that the screen is gorgeous, and one for those who prefer a flat-screened device. The phone is nice to hold, but the protruding camera array may look fantastic – but makes the phone incredibly hard to lay down without it wanting to go for a wander! With no case in the box, you’ll want to buy one as quickly as you can.

At the time of writing, it wasn’t clear how many official cases might be available in the UK when the phone launches – but the usual online suppliers will be able to help, especially as the Reno 8 series models have been on sale in China for a while.

Low light video – PLEASE NOTE this is with a considerable level of zoom


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