Realme joins Amazon Prime Day with special offers, along with even better deals from its own store

Realme is running a special promotion on its own website, as well as Amazon for its two-day Prime Day event – but, hurry, as you only have until the end of October 12th to participate.

The key deals include:

  • £100 off a Realme GT 2 Pro and GT Neo3 150W, with a free Realme Watch 2 – when purchased from the Realme store.
  • The Realme GT 2 (12+256GB) with £50 off from Amazon, or £50 off and with a free Realme Smart Camera 360 from the Realme store.

Realme Store

Model PromoDiscountBundle Bundle valueLink
realme 9 4G (8+128)£229.00£20.00realme Smart Camera 360°£37.99
realme 9i (4+128)£179.00£20.00realme Smart Camera 360°£37.99
realme 9 Pro (8+128)£279.00£20.00realme Smart Camera 360°£37.99
realme 9 Pro+ (8+128)£329.00£20.00realme Smart Camera 360°£37.99
realme 9 5G (4+128)£229.00£20.00realme Smart Camera 360°37.99
realme GT2 (12+256)£499.00£50.00realme Watch 2£39.99
realme GT2 Pro (12+256)£599.00£100.00realme Watch 2£39.99
realme GT Neo3 150W (12+256)£499.00£100.00realme Watch 2£39.99
realme GT Neo3T (8+128)£369.00£0realme Watch 2£39.99

Amazon Prime Day

Model PromoDiscount Link
GT 2 Pro 12+256£655.00£44.00
GT 2 12+256£494.00£55.99
9 Pro 5G 8+128£259.99£40.00


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