Long awaited foldable from OnePlus almost out in the Open

The new flagship foldable from OnePlus will be a joint collaboration with Oppo and should be launched before the end of October.

With an event rumoured to be taking place in the second half of October, OnePlus has begun its traditional drip-feeding of information ahead of the launch.

The first teaser comes with details of the forthcoming foldable smartphone culminating from the joint efforts of OnePlus and Oppo, which essentially merged – albeit with OnePlus retaining its own design language and customised ColorOS user interface.

What OnePlus fans will almost certainly love is that the alert slider remains – but in the coming days and weeks, we can be pretty sure more details will be released ahead of its official launch.

Beyond what’s in the press release (see below), details are still fairly thin on the ground – but for a company that insists on never settling, I have high hopes, and it isn’t very long to wait now.

Rumoured specs so far suggest a 7.8-inch internal display and a 6.3-inch cover display, with a triple-camera setup on the rear – most likely with Hasselblad tuning, a Snapdragon 8 gen 2 SoC, and a large 4,800mAh battery with fast 67W charging.

The Alert Slider is present on the new OnePlus foldable!

Press Release

OnePlus will launch its first ever foldable smartphone in select overseas markets soon. Embracing the “Never Settle” brand spirit, OnePlus aims to deliver a foldable device that not only offers an uncompromising flagship experience, but also incorporates the added benefit of a large display. Now, the future is OPEN.

A Masterpiece Forges by Dual Forces

Pete Lau, who oversees both OPPO and OnePlus products, maintains a steadfast focus on creating exceptional products. With a user-centric approach, OnePlus starts by identifying user needs and strives to deliver burdenless designs, and fast & smooth experiences.

Following the merger of OPPO and OnePlus in 2021, the company’s research and development capabilities have grown stronger. We have introduced numerous industry-leading technologies and earned a favorable reputation among consumers. Notably, OPPO has launched two generations of foldable devices, while OnePlus received widespread acclaim for the OnePlus 11.

This folding phone is jointly developed by the OPPO team and the OnePlus team. Because we want to create a synergy and bring the best of the two teams together. Both teams have accumulated strong experience, and this folding phone will have a different go to market strategy in different regions so that more users will be able to have their hands on this device.

Because there is only one goal: to create the best folding phone. The OPPO team has accumulated strong experience in the foldable design and in the camera technologies while OnePlus is famous for creating a fast and smooth experience, burdenless design and the peak performance of the hardware. So, we decided to bring the best of these two teams together and create this folding phone.

One more thing – the alert slider, which has become a defining feature which OnePlus fans love, will also feature on this folding phone.

Unleashing the Potential of Hinges through Accumulated Expertise

Compared to the traditional slab style form factor, foldable devices are by one key feature: the hinge. The hinge is a critical component that not only impacts the space occupied within the device but also influences its overall durability and lifespan.

With over six hundred patents dedicated to hinge design, OnePlus has made significant strides in perfecting the foldable experience. Those who experienced the inaugural Find N foldable two years ago may recall the remarkable absence of a gap when the phone is closed — a truly seamless state achieved by the hinge. In fact, the phone remains securely held together even if a thin piece of paper is inserted between its halves.

In the case of the OnePlus foldable, we have developed 35 patents specifically tailored to the hinge. Through careful material selection, we have managed to reduce both the size and weight of the hinge while enhancing its strength.

Compared to the hinge used in the OPPO Find N2, the hinge employed in the OnePlus foldable boasts a staggering 31 fewer components. This reduction not only contributes to a lighter device but also showcases improvements in material design and increased overall strength. Remarkably, the OnePlus foldable’s hinge is 37% smaller than its counterpart in the Find N2.

By optimizing the hinge size, we have created more space within the device, enabling us to introduce a diverse range of experiences for consumers. The smaller, refined hinge design opens new possibilities for the foldable phone, enhancing its functionality and user satisfaction.

The Best Foldable Phone Yet

OnePlus is not the first comer to the race. But once we decided to enter this race, we must be bringing the best phone to this race. OnePlus foldable phone is the best folding phone you can get right now.

When considering the user’s needs for a foldable device, their desire for a bigger display is evident. However, they also expect a device that is compact and convenient to hold. This is precisely what we aimed to fulfill.

Our foldable phone goes beyond offering a large screen experience. It embodies a lightweight and slim design, a powerful camera, and delivers a fast and seamless user experience. Only when all these aspects are perfectly balanced can we truly call it a flagship foldable phone.

OnePlus has established a strong reputation for providing fast and smooth experiences, and we assure you that this legacy will be carried on in our folding phone. To enhance the large screen experience for our users, we are working closely with Google to improve app adaptation. Our goal is to ensure users truly feel a distinct app experience on the expansive display.

OnePlus release, October 2nd 2023


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