Moto Razr 40 Ultra update allows users to unplug and enjoy real life

Following on from other manufacturer ‘downtime’ applications, Moto Unplugged allows users to block the apps that create the most distractions in their daily life.

It’s easy to say you can stop using your phone at any time, but most people are simply too addicted to leave their devices alone for more than a few minutes – and even those with a stronger will than most will often succumb after receiving multiple notifications.

Surely a quick check won’t do any harm? Ten minutes later you’re scrolling through a sequence of funny cat videos, checking out what Elon has said this time, and desperately replying to a controversial comment on Facebook even though the inevitable back and forth is sure to end up taking up your whole evening.

Adults can set parental controls for their children, but who is controlling you? Well, with services like this – you can.

Similar to ‘Zen mode’ on Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme devices, Moto Unplugged lets you find your own balance and set a time where you can be freed from the distractions of your selected apps. No more notifications and not even any app icons tempting you in.

Removing your socials and instant messaging apps can give you instant freedom to enjoy what you’re doing now, without having to keep checking on your phone to see what you’re missing.

Frankly, all phones should have it – and it’s great to see Motorola joining in.

…Motorola is unveiling a new software experience, Moto Unplugged, which is designed to help consumers take a break from the distractions of their phones. Moto Unplugged empowers people to take a step back and match their mobile experience with their mindset by being able to choose when and how they want to disconnect. 

Moto Unplugged offers the ability to enter a special mode, allowing each user to tailor a break time to meet their individual needs. The user can select permitted apps and notifications, as well as require a password to end their session.  Once ready to unplug, users can select a time frame and start a digital break.

To avoid distraction during work hours, Moto Unplugged will give users the option of only accessing emails or Microsoft Teams without needing to see any other app for a set timeframe.  Additionally, for those looking to disconnect for some personal time, users can choose to limit which social media and messaging apps are accessible which are temporarily blocked to enjoy a break for however long they wish. 

Users can strike a balance between being more in the present, without totally disconnecting with Moto Unplugged, helping people to relax and stay in control of their consumption. This means more quality time with friends and family, more time to focus on the work that matters now, and more balance in users’ day-to-day life.

Moto Unplugged explained in official press release

Starting with the flagship Moto Razr 40 Ultra flip-phone, Moto Unplugged will be added to other Motorola devices in the future.


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