Welcome to my site.

I set this site up way back in 2010 with no real intention to actually put much on it. As much as anything else, it was to store some basic information about myself, and keep me up to speed on using WordPress.

But at the end of 2013 I decided to start using it more, and writing about things that interest me and – hopefully – you.

It’s not going to be another tech site churning out loads of small and uninteresting news stories about some component that is allegedly going into the next iPhone, nor will it be full of rumour stories with no useful information or questionable surveys from some tiny company looking to get its URL published.

What you will find over time are my thoughts on an industry I’ve worked in since the launch of 2G, including the odd review and feature.

You won’t find me using SEO to trick people into viewing articles, writing click bait stories, or doing a detailed review of a device that I’ve had for just 20 minutes. Thankfully there are now more sites that are refusing to do this too, but there’s still some way to go.

If I do an early review, it will be marked as a ‘first impressions’ piece with a full review to follow. I have no intention of misleading people who might be parting with a great deal of money on a hastily reached verdict.

People can gladly ask me questions about things that might otherwise not make the final cut too, as not everyone wants to read a 10,000 word review. Mind you, some of my reviews in the past haven’t been far off that!

In due course, hopefully you’ll find this site to be a place that doesn’t overload you with throwaway content and gives you something you’ll care about reading. Or that’s the intention at least.

If things don’t work out, I’ll go for the click bait solution and fill the site up with pop up ads…