Sony video teases about new Xperia devices to be announced at IFA 2014

Sony will unveil its latest range of flagship Xperia devices at IFA next week, thought to be the Xperia Z3Z3 Tablet Compact, and Z3 Compact.

Specs wise, the Z3 is a fairly minor update over the current flagship (Z2) in comparison to previous releases, keeping the same camera, processor and RAM, but in a more rounded shell that might also be smaller than the Z2 (clues in the video suggest a thickness of 7mm).

The Z3 Tablet is a more compact tablet (8-inch), and in keeping with the compact theme, the Z3 Compact will take over from the Z1 Compact, which offers users a taste of the high life but with a smaller display and form factor.

Finally, with so many smartwatches being announced of late, Sony could be introducing an updated Smartwatch (V3) that will include wireless charging. Plus, given IFA isn’t just about mobile, expect news on new TVs, cameras, audio accessories, and more. Like CES, Sony always does things big at IFA.

Samsung will also be using IFA to unveil its Note 4 (amongst other consumer electronics and white goods), along with news from Microsoft, Asus, Motorola, LG and others all hoping to secure some media attention before Apple takes over the airwaves with its own event on September 9th.


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