Tesco Hudl 2 event

Hudl 2: Tesco set to unveil its next budget Android tablet

A year ago, Tesco entered the arena with its own brand tablet, the Hudl. Unlike other low-cost Android tablets, the Hudl had one big difference: it was good.

Good enough to come top in a group test of budget tablets that I wrote last year.

And now it is ready to launch its second device, the Hudl 2.

The latest tablet seems set to have a larger display (if the text on the press invite is anything to go by – and we all know that companies love to drop hints in invites, don’t we Apple?), and it should also have more powerful hardware. Going by the impressive resolution of the original Hudl, could the Hudl 2 get a full HD (1920×1080/1200 pixel) screen?

Bigger picture: Could this mean a bigger display?
Bigger picture: Could this mean a bigger display?

It’s a given you’ll also get a choice of colours and accessories to accompany the tablet, which is likely to go on sale very soon if the last model was anything to go by. You should also expect it to remain at a very affordable price point, with further discounts for redeeming Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

I’m at the event and will have a hands-on look at the Hudl 2 just as soon as everything is announced and we can go and have a play…


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