Enjoy 200MB free data ‘for life’ on Three’s new Data Reward plan

This evening I heard about a rather interesting mobile broadband deal from Three.

Following an purchase of the SIM for £10, which comes with 1GB of 4G data pre-loaded, you’ll then enjoy 200MB of data free every month.

There’s no need to worry about exceeding your allowance and running up a bill because everything stops automatically until your next lot of free data begins, or you buy more data.

It couldn’t really be much more simple than that.

The Data Reward plan might not be quite as impressive as the 200GB of data given on those special SIMs EE offers surprisingly frequently (come to think of it, where’s the next one EE?), but instead of getting a ridiculous amount of data for two months and then nothing, this is an ongoing deal.

Of course, after recent events, there’s no guarantee that this offer will actually be forever, but there’s nothing to suggest an expiry date from what I could see on the plan details (see below).

Three Data SIM


Although Three’s marketing is based around what happens if you should run out of Wi-Fi range on your tablet, the SIM can also be used in a USB dongle or MiFi (portable Wi-Fi hotspot).

The plan details page also suggest data can be used abroad with Feel at Home, which presumably includes the 200MB of free data. If true, the deal is even better.

To get a Data Reward SIM, visit: 


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