Three launches Essentials Plans; For those who don’t roam or tether (or need unlimited data)

Three has unveiled brand-new Essentials plans. The cynic in me wonders if this is a sign of things to come (namely that one day the current ‘Advanced’ plans may be phased out, or made a lot more expensive), but the optimist hopes it’s just a way to offer better value today to users who don’t roam or tether.

It does mean Three will have to re-write a lot of its literature to stop saying that things like Feel at Home are available to all customers at no extra cost, as Essentials drops the free roaming service entirely. That is until next July, when customers will be able to roam within the EU at no extra cost.

Tethering is also gone now, although you can buy a personal hotspot add on if you need this (presumably doing so will eradicate any benefits of choosing this plan over an Advanced plan that includes this as standard).

All you can eat data is also gone (topping out at 30GB instead, unless you buy a £5 add-on and have bought at least one 18GB add-on for another fiver, which sounds rather confusing).

Finally, calls will now be charged to customer service – assuming you haven’t got enough inclusive minutes on the plan to use them. To be honest, Three provides good information online and via the My3 service so calls to customer services should be rare.

The full price guide can be viewed below, but here are the key highlights, which also includes the monthly cost on SIM only.

Would you give up tethering for a cheaper monthly deal? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Key information

See the new price guide with ALL pricing information here: Three Essentials Plans (PDF)

4 thoughts on “Three launches Essentials Plans; For those who don’t roam or tether (or need unlimited data)

  1. one thing i don’t get, you can get an essential plan with 200 minutes for £9. Then to get unlimited data it’s an extra £5 but then says you must have had the 18gb add on previously, it says this for every add on going up the tier. Does this mean to get the unlimited add on you have to essentially buy them all? If the entry point for unlimited data is now £14, i’m in

      1. three know nothing of the essential plans, Mohammed on the live chat claims that the entry price for ayce data is £23 a month.

        to quote him:
        We do not have essential plans on new contracts.


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