Boost your iDevice storage with a curvaceous iBridge 3 Mobile Memory stick

Phones without expandable storage can be a pain, but at least Android users have the ability to choose whether to buy a phone with a memory card slot or not. 

leef_ibridge3_3_4viewnocapWhen it comes to iOS users, the only choice is to buy the right capacity model from the outset.

But there are other options too, like adding a storage device via the Lightning port – with USB 3.1 speed.

One such product is the Leef iBridge 3 (pictured right), which has a rather odd-looking ‘J-shape’ design. There’s a good reason for the design, however. Rather than having the storage device hanging down, it gets hidden out of sight around the back instead.

The iBridge 3 comes in a range of capacities, from 16GB to 256GB, and each can be used to backup content from your iPhone or iPad, as well as being used to directly save photos and video from your iDevice.

Security comes in the form of LeefLock, linking with a passcode or Touch ID on the phone to stop anyone else from being able to access the data.


Pricing starts at £39.99 for the 16GB version, and the device will be available soon from Amazon.

Other products from Leef include a version for Android users with a micro-USB and USB-A connector.

More information: Leef


One thought on “Boost your iDevice storage with a curvaceous iBridge 3 Mobile Memory stick

  1. I got quite excited about this – my iPad Air is now feeling very cramped with just 32Gb. I was hoping to use the iBridge 3 to stack it up with movies for long flights – but not possible, it seems. I’ve had information from Leef (I sent them a question) to say that “It’s possible to play only non-DRM protected videos from MobileMemory app” because “Apple does not allow iTunes DRM video files to be played on external apps​”. Ah well.


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