Honor 8 Pro Review: Camera Photo and Video (4K) Samples

Having had the Honor 8 Pro for a while, I’ve had a chance to take a fair few pictures. Choosing the best ones wasn’t easy, so I’ve posted a sizeable gallery here instead.

You can also see a short edited video of the 4K video the phone can now record.

It’s worth noting that the Honor 8 Pro encodes 4K video with the H.265 codec. Many months on from the Huawei Mate 9 release, Google still doesn’t process this video. This means when you back up video to Google Photos, or upload to YouTube, the video will appear unreadable or corrupt. It isn’t, but you may need to re-encode (e.g. with Handbrake or WeVideo) before you can edit and play the video on some systems.

Most, if not all, TVs will decode H.265 and you can of course enjoy the video on your phone display just fine – especially now with a QHD display resolution!

Share your comments on the photos and video below, and don’t forget to read my full review of the Honor 8 Pro here!

  • I intend to do comparison galleries with other phones in the coming weeks, so please keep checking here or via Twitter.




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