Save money on Honor phones as England (hopefully) keeps winning at the World Cup!

With England scoring a comfortable win over Tunisia and thrashing Panama, Honor is giving England fans a chance to benefit from our success in Russia.

Honor World Cup voucher
England wins – you win

By registering with Honor, the success of England will net you a money off voucher, with the most discount for a win (£30) and a smaller discount (£10) for a draw.

The same deal runs for other countries taking part in the tournament (France, Germany and Spain) on each respective Honor website.

The next deal will follow the England v Belgium game on the 28th, with a money off voucher for the Honor 10. After that, Honor is keeping tight-lipped on what the next deal will be.

Plus, if you can predict the correct score in a future game, there are some great prizes to be won too, including an Honor 10, football shirts and footballs.

What have you got to lose? Well, England not winning any more games perhaps, but of course there’s no chance of that happening because we know we’re going to win…

More info: Take part now


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