Paymo seeks crowdfunding to bring all your payment and travel needs into one 4G connected wallet

One of the other things I saw extremely briefly at Mobile World Congress was a 4G connected wallet that hopes to bring a single, Android-powered, device to manage all your mobile payments.

This includes NFC-based contactless payments, peer-to-peer payment transfers, and even cards for travel in various locations (such as Oyster for transport in and around London). In addition to that, the Android device can also be used as a phone and even run ordinary applications.

It’s currently on Indiegogo as part of a crowdfunding campaign, and I was unable to see anything more than a mock-up of the digital wallet. However, the website is packed full of information on what it hopes to bring.

Paymo prototype shown at Mobile World Congress 2019

The wallet contains a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen and lets you keep track of payments and balances, as well as working with things like Google Pay using NFC, or AliPay and other services that work with a camera (Paymo contains a camera on the rear).

For connectivity that’s totally independent of another device, Paymo comes with both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. It’s powered by a MediaTek MT6739 quad-core processor, with 1.5GB of RAM, and a 1,600mAh battery.

There’s fingerprint security to protect the wallet, and a range of accessories, such as an outer case that enables you to carry traditional credit cards, or other forms of ID, loyalty cards, health cards and so on.

Paymo is a creation of Dynamical Systems Research Ltd and you can go to the Indiegogo campaign here.

As always, remember you’re investing in a product and not simply buying a product. The ‘perk’ you fund may change, or you may not receive anything at all.


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