Honor teases its upcoming Honor 20 series launch with a quick maths test


Honor this week sent out a save the date with no date.

It wasn’t a mistake. Instead it came with a maths question that, when answered correctly, would reveal exactly when the company will launch its new series of phones.

The answer was 521, easily translated to May 21st, and the event itself will be held in London (this part of the invite was somewhat more obvious).

This time around, and which has to be a first, the UK will get to learn of the new flagship handsets before China.

Expected to consist of at least two high-end models, and rumoured to be including some of the cool tech that was recently shown in the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, these new phones are sure to attract interest from consumers who want top-end features but at a more affordable price.

Suffice to say, you can probably expect some cool features like a lossless zoom, and great low-light image quality.

I’ll be at the UK launch event to get hands-on with the new models and can honestly say that I’m very excited to learn what’s next.

With the excellent View 20 having been launched at the start of 2019, Honor is looking set to have another impressive year.


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