Vodafone 5G roaming gives 5G in more locations than any other network

Vodafone is now offering summer holidaymakers 5G coverage in 55 cities and towns across Europe, with roaming in Germany, Italy, Spain and of course the UK.

Customers pay no extra for 5G in some of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations that includes Munich, Madrid and Rome.

4G roaming is of course still available elsewhere, with a total of 156 destinations (48 in Europe at no extra cost).

Currently, users with fixed data allowances can use all data when roaming (including tethering), while those on the new unlimited plans come with a fair use policy of 25GB per month.

Two 5G handsets are currently available; Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G.

You can get details of 5G coverage in the UK and the new data plans.


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