Oppo and Ericsson open jointly run 5G development lab

Oppo is launching a joint laboratory with Ericsson, to further enhance its collaboration for 5G development.

Recently, Oppo boasted that it would be the first to launch an affordable 5G handset before the year is out, most likely being first to use one of the new Qualcomm chipsets with integrated 5G.

Now, with the new lab, Oppo and Ericsson will share with each other 5G technologies and work together to optimise 5G products and network performance as 5G is deployed globally.

Luca Orsini, Head of Networks and VP, MNEA, Ericsson and Andy WU, VP of Oppo and President of Software Engineering

“This joint 5G lab is another step in OPPO’s commitment to developing and realising the potential of 5G technology. As a leading adopter and innovator of 5G, we understand the importance of collaboration in harnessing and effecting the full capability of the technology.

“By working in partnership with an industry leader such as Ericsson, we have created a platform from which we can conceive, optimise and implement best in class standards of 5G functionality in the UK and beyond. It is our hope that through OPPO’s experience in new product and technology development, along with Ericsson’s cutting-edge infrastructure, customers across the UK will soon have access to the highest quality 5G products and experiences.

“From cross-hemisphere video conferencing in pixel perfect HD to immersive movie streaming; AR, VR, and everywhere in between, we are determined to bring the seamless speeds and connectivity of 5G to UK smartphones today, tomorrow and into the future.”

Michael Tran, Director Oppo UK

Oppo and Ericsson have been working closely for some time, signing a global patent license agreement that forms the foundation of the ongoing collaboration.

Since Q3 2018, the two firms have run joint 5G tests using Oppo’s 5G handset and Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure on local operators in Sweden, Germany and China.

Oppo Reno 5G
Oppo Reno 5G – first 5G handset on Europe’s first 5G network

In May of this year, Oppo had the first commercially available 5G handset in the form of the Reno 5G, which launched on Switzerland’s 5G network – the first commercial launch in Europe.

Now Oppo will be aiming to be first again with its next 5G handset launch coming before Christmas.

“This partnership is of highly strategic importance for both Ericsson and OPPO. It will contribute to the diversity of the 5G ecosystem and benefit from the agility of both companies to bring new use cases and customer value to the market.”

Luca Orsini, Vice President and Head of Networks for Market Area North East Asia, Ericsson


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