OnePlus brings proactive Google Assistant Ambient Mode to its devices.

OnePlus is bringing the Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ to OnePlus models, going back to the OnePlus 3.

This is a new feature that can be enabled whenever your phone is on charge, providing information and suggestions on the weather, upcoming appointments, entertainment and general reminders.

The phone can also be turned into a digital photo frame, or an interface to your smart home devices, like smart bulbs or music players.

Google has a video on how it works that you can watch below.

OnePlus owners can opt in by connecting their OnePlus phone to the charger, clicking the notification and following the guidance to complete the setup process.

It can also be enabled via the settings menu; Google App Settings > Assistant > Devices (Phone)

  • OnePlus users can discuss this on the community forum.
  • The feature will gradually be available on phones from other manufacturers too.


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