Vodafone launches stylish GPS tracker that lasts for a week between charges

Vodafone has launched its latest GPS tracking device to help you avoid losing keys, laptops, bags, cars or even people!

It’s certainly not the first tracking device that Vodafone has launched, indeed it has produced many over the years, but it is perhaps the nicest to look at – and it also comes at a bargain price.

£20 will get you your very own Curve, with just £2 per month (on a 24-month contract) to have Vodafone keep track of the accessory you can easily attach it to a range of devices (uses are limited only by your imagination) to make sure you’ll never lose anything again.

The Curve is part of a new range of products that will launch later in 2020 as part of Vodafone’s ‘Designed and Connected by Vodafone’ range.

A choice of two colours are available; dove and slate, and the device uses four different tracking technologies – GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth – to provide a more reliable connection.

Inside the Curve is a Vodafone Smart SIM that allows it to maintain a connection anywhere in the country, and even abroad in 90 countries.

Key features:

  • Comes with a key ring accessory
  • Built-in SIM with no additional cost beyond the £2 per month subscription fee (£3 a month if you opt for a 12-month contract)
  • Four tracking technologies
  • Four tracking modes to improve speed of location and preserve battery life; Power save mode, Everyday mode, Performance mode and real-time tracking.
  • Zones to allow an alert if the tracking device moves outside a chosen area
  • An app that can manage multiple trackers through a smart app, with individual user profiles
  • IP67 rating for dust and water resistance
  • Up to seven days battery life

“Now more than ever, people want to stay connected to the most important things in their lives. Through driving the development of our own smart tech, starting with Curve, the first in our ‘Designed & Connected by Vodafone’ range we are helping bring customers added peace of mind. Created with leading industrial designers and connected by our global network, Curve’s versatility makes it the perfect way to keep track of what matters most, fitting seamlessly into everyday life.

“his step-change in our smart tech offering is grounded in a relentless obsession with customer experience, meeting consumer needs in new ways and building on our IOT platforms. As we expand our range throughout 2020, our customer commitment is helping to improve everyday living through the magic of smart technology.”

Lutfu Kitapci, Managing Director, Vodafone Consumer IoT


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