Realme announces its own 125W UltraDart super-fast charging system; 0-33% in 180 seconds

It should be little surprise that Realme, which is closely linked with Oppo, has today announced that it is also getting in on the super-fast charging action.

Today it announced its 125W UltraDart charging system, which is of course the same (bar the branding) as Oppo’s own system that was unveiled yesterday. However it is still big news because it means the new charging system will be coming to Realme devices in the future – and Realme regularly offers more affordable devices with similar specs.

The UltraDart 125W charger is good to get a 4,000mAh battery from 0% to 33% in just three minutes. Just let that sink in for a bit. Three. Minutes.

A full charge will be completed in around 20 minutes, including the necessary slow down in charging as the battery (or batteries in this case; they’re split in two) reaches full capacity.

There are in fact a series of measures to protect the lifespan of the battery and reduce any risks of damage to the battery, or phone.

Realme has produced an old-school infographic that you can read below to learn more about this amazing technology.

Amongst this, you’ll see that the new chargers will also offer compatibility with other fast charging technologies, including a range of previous Oppo charging technologies that are used by Oppo, Realme, OnePlus and other BBK Electronics brands.

The charger supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) at 65W and 36W QuickCharge (QC), making it equally useful for other devices – such as laptops, Nintendo Switch and other phones using those standards.

Realme, like Oppo, has declined to announce any devices that will use this new charging technology but you can hopefully expect an announcement in the last half of 2020.

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