Three axes Go Binge but existing users can keep it until they upgrade or the contract ‘expires’

Three has quietly dropped Go Binge, its zero-rated streaming service aimed at customers not on an unlimited data plan.

When it launched back in 2017, offering free music and video streaming without impacting on data allowances, I expressed my concerns about the service potentially ending unlimited data.

I was certainly proved wrong on that given all the operators now offer unlimited data, but expanded on things by talking about the risk to net neutrality.

The same concerns were also raised with Vodafone’s soon discontinued attempt at offering inclusive bundles for its customers with fixed data allowances.

Most of these zero rated offers have since been dropped, although in recent weeks Vodafone has launched zero-rated video streaming on its VOXI virtual network.

Today, Three has axed its offering for limited data plans with little fanfare, while stating that existing users can keep it until they upgrade or change plan.


Given Three is actively writing to many customers out of contract to ask them to move to a new plan or leave, there’s a good chance customers will will find Go Binge is removed whether they like it or not.

Customers who are contacted and ‘asked’ to agree to a higher monthly price on a rolling contract (or sign up a new contract for 12 or 24 months for a price closer to what they’re already paying) will have no way to keep the service, even if they can get the retentions department to agree not to raise the monthly cost.

I’ve heard of cases where Three has offered a retention deal that is cheaper than the customer was already happily paying! Sadly, keeping Go Binge isn’t going to be an option.

Were you a user of Go Binge? Are you upset to be losing the service? Did you even remember it existed at all? Will you now go for an unlimited data plan instead?

Please post your thoughts/comments below.

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