[Updated] Realme GT coming to UK, allowing its users early access to Android 12

Lots of companies are announcing the ability to run Android 12 Beta on some of their devices, but Realme used the opportunity to also announce the flagship Realme GT is getting a global launch soon…

Last year, Realme gave owners of the flagship X50 Pro a chance to try out Android 11 with the first public beta – working closely with Google to get feedback from those willing to try out the new OS far in advance of its eventual rollout.

  • See below for instructions on how to install Android 12 beta on your Realme GT

Now it is doing the same for owners of the Realme GT, which is fine except for the small fact that the flagship phone isn’t available globally – yet.

Now it’s official that, yes, the Realme GT is coming to the rest of the world – including the UK – soon. And once it is launched, you’ll be able to experience Android 12 (as long as you accept the usual caveats that come with running a beta of anything).

The Realme GT is powered by Qualcomm’s top Snapdragon 888 chipset and also comes with an AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, 65W fast-charging, 4,500mAh battery and a 64-megapixel main camera.

As soon as I have more information on a more specific release date, and price, I’ll naturally let you know here.

More Information

Android 12 Beta installation instructions [Updated June 23rd 2021]

Android 12 Beta1 (Developer Preview Program) for realme GT: Complete Guide

Important: Please keep in mind that the Android 12 Beta 1 aims at providing a platform for developers to test Android 12 and adapt their apps. It is NOT recommended to install the Android 12 Beta 1 if you are not a developer and/or this is your daily device.

Hello realme Fans, 

We have been working closely with Google to bring the Android 12 Developer Preview Program to our realme GT users.

If you’re a developer, own a realme GT, and want to help beta testing Android 12, this is your opportunity to enroll in the realme Android 12 Developer Preview Program.

Please keep in mind that:

– The Android 12 Beta is meant to allow developers to adapt their apps to the new Android version. 

– The Android 12 Beta is still in the early stages of development, and might not represent a stable enough user experience. Unless you are a developer, we do not recommend flashing this ROM, especially if you have little to no experience in software development or flashing custom ROMs. If you proceed it is at your own risk and accepts that realme is not responsible of anything that could happen, including to the apps or to the device or the information contained on the device.

– Some applications may not work properly. This includes Google apps as well as third-party ones.

– The firmware is based on realme UI 2.0, and does not come with all stock Android’s built-in features.

– Tha Android 12 Beta 1 is not the final build, and some features might be missing or not working.

Known Issues:

1. All user data will be erased during the upgrade.

2. The fingerprint and face unlock methods are not available.

3. Some system functions are not available.

4. Part of the interface display may look less than desirable.

5. Some applications may not work properly or be fully functional.

6. The system may have some stability issues.

I. Local Upgrade Process from Android 11 to Android 12 Beta 1

Please update to the required version of Android 11 (RMX2202_11_A.09) in order to be able to enter the Android 12 Developer Preview.

You can manually update to the required Android 11 software via the following link:

Required Android 11 Version (RMX2202_11_A.09) → https://download.c.realme.com/flash/DP1_Android_12/EUEX/RMX2202_11_A_OTA_0090_all_Android11_EUEX_0609.zip

Now download the update package for the Android 12 Beta 1:

Now download the update package for the Android 12 Beta 1(RMX2202_11_C.01):

Android 12 Beta 1 Update Package → https://download.c.realme.com/flash/DP1_Android_12/EUEX/RMX2202_11_C_OTA_1010_all_Android12_EUEX_0609.zip

Step-by-step Upgrade Process

Follow the following instructions to update to the Android 12 Beta 1:

– Transfer the downloaded firmware to the phone storage;

– Go to Settings > Software Update > Settings in the upper right corner > Manually select the installation package

– Select the downloaded firmware package, click install after loading

– After the verification is completed, the system will be restarted and updated


II. Local Rollback Process from Android 12 Beta 1 to Android 11

Please back up your data before proceeding with the rollback process: Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, and then select the data to back up.

Please keep the battery level over 30%, and do not turn off your phone during the rollback process.

In order to revert back to Android 11, please follow the same procedure you went through to join the Android 12 Developer Preview but by using the rollback package below. 

Rollback Firmware

Android 12 Beta 1 to Android 11 Rollback Package → https://download.c.realme.com/flash/DP1_Android_12/EUEX/RMX2202_ROLL BACK_Android11_EUEX_0609.zip


Q. Will this version feature the Android 12 Easter Egg?

A. No, it will not.

Q. Can other realme devices enroll, or is it only for realme GT?

A. The Android 12 Developer Preview Program is only for realme GT.

Q. Will exiting the Android 12 Developer Preview Program wipe out my data?

A. Yes, all user data will be erased.

Q. Will I receive security patches while on the Android 12 Developer Preview Program?

A. No, you will not.

Q. What happens to my documents stored in the DocVault when I enroll in the Android 12 Beta 1?

A. When flashing the Android 12 Beta 1 all data locally stored via the DocVault will be lost. Documentation saved to the servers can be retrieved again.

Q. Will this void the phone warranty?

A. No, it will not.

Q. What camera app comes with the Android 12 Developer Preview Program?

A. Qualcomm’s native camera application – which lacks all realme’s built-in features.

Q. Will realme GT lose 5G connectivity in the Android 12 Developer Preview Program?

A. No, 5G connectivity will still work during the Android 12 Developer Preview Program.

Q. Will there be any other Android 12 Beta Preview updates? And when the official Android 12 comes out, will I receive the update directly?

A. No. There will not be further betas. The Android 12 Beta 1 for realme GT aims to provide the developers with a testing environment to adjust their apps and services in view of the upcoming Android 12 update. Yet once Google issues more beta versions or the official Android 12 update, these will not be provided. After you have conducted your testing, you will need to revert back to realme UI to keep receiving software updates.

How to Report a Bug?

If you’re experiencing any issues with the Android 12 Developer Preview Program, please tell us by opening a post and your feedback on realme Community. Set “Android 12 Beta 1 – Bug Report – …” as all titles for our developers to find all reports easily.

Note: Replace “…” with any additional information concerning the bug, like “battery’, “camera”, etc.

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