Huawei P8 goes to Disneyland Paris: Photo samples

In the second of my Disney related posts, here are a collection of photos taken with Huawei’s flagship P8 smartphone.

With its 13-megapixel OIS camera, featuring a unique four-colour sensor (red, green, blue and white), I was particularly impressed with the performance of this phone – both inside and out, and in most lighting conditions.

In very low light, detail did take a hit (as you’d expect) but the phone offers a Super Night Mode that can take incredibly long exposures, and at an ISO level of your choosing (or select auto and let the phone decide). However, as I didn’t have a tripod such testing was ruled out for now.

But, take a look through the photos and then compare with the photos taken with the Honor 6 Plus.

All things considered, both the P8 and Honor 6 Plus did a good job, and allowed me to leave my heavy DSLR at home. Enjoying a family holiday with a very active and excited three year old means it’s far more convenient to pack something smaller, like a phone, and either device would give you perfectly good photos to re-live the moments in future years.

Huawei P8 Disneyland Paris Camera Test



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