Vodafone offers killer deal to disillusioned Three customers

Okay, that’s a bit of a click bait headline so apologies – but it is genuinely good news for everyone – including Three users that recently got their letter.

Although Vodafone perhaps announced its latest promotion a bit early by mistake (but I managed to grab a screen shot before it went back to £40) it seems the SIM only market has just become a whole lot more exciting.

Or will when the offer kicks in anytime now! (Update: It is available today. If you have problems online, go to a store that can connect you immediately).


Vodafone has decided to offer its highest 20GB plan for the staggering price of just £20 per month, for a limited time. That’s with 20GB of tetherable data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

But where things get even more impressive is when you see that you can still enjoy a year of Now TV entertainment, Sky Sports or Spotify access – worth around a tenner a month.

That makes the flagship plan work out at an effective price of £10 per month over the 12 month minimum term (with the ability to upgrade after just three months).

EuroTraveller Plus is also included that allows calls back to the UK, along with a fixed charge of £3 per day for sending texts or using your data allowance within most of Europe, or £5 a day beyond.

Oh, and the first two months come with unlimited data (UK only).

Vodafone gets cheeky

Food for thought for those currently negotiating with Three, or perhaps about to. Or merely looking around for a great SIM only deal.

(Another edit: it has been mentioned on the Digital Spy forum that you could get almost £80 cash back from TopCashback too. Can things get any better than this?)

Now I wonder if EE will do anything to respond? It has just shaken up its own SIM only plans today, but with only a discount for the first three months of connection, and topping out at 16GB.


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