Data Gifting for Family

Kids behave! If you’re good, I’ll give you some more data!

EE has today expanded its data gifting service to allow parents to use mobile data as a form of currency for their children, along with added parental controls.

EE logoWith no need to spend any extra money, parents will now be able to ‘gift’ (share) mobile data via the MyEE app with other members of the family.

In addition, every extra line added to a family account will benefit from the usual 10% discount (up to a maximum of four extra lines) that EE has offered for some time, plus an additional 1GB of data added to the primary account holder for each new line.

The Data Gifting service has been in operation for a while, but new parental controls within the app not only allows the movement of data (in 500MB chunks), but also offers control on how the data is used.

The app gives parents the ability to:

  • Switch on and off a child’s data usage
  • Allow or prevent a child using their data allowance abroad
  • Restrict or allow international and premium rate calls
  • Set what content access their child has whilst browsing

If a family already has multiple accounts and would like to merge them into one account, all it takes is a call to EE.

EE also finishes off its press release by pointing out that an account doesn’t have to be made up of family members, and a group account is just as good for friends or housemates. That’s assuming you can be sure they’ll remember to chip in for their share of the bill each month!

More info: Data gifting


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