EE revises prepay tarffs with new ‘Flex’ plans, including data roll over

EE logoEE is launching a new range of ‘Flex’ plans to offer the flexibility of pay as you go, with the convenience of a pay-monthly plan.

The new plans launch tomorrow, July 25th 2018, and users can set up a regular payment to avoid the need to keep topping up, but still being able to change, pause or stop a plan completely whenever they want, without notice.

Prices start at £10 for 2GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts, with the plan renewing every 30 days unless you opt to stop, or wish to change to another Flex plan (with no penalty). Users can also go up and down the range of plans, again without penalty.

The top plan gets you 20GB of data, 3000 minutes and unlimited texts for £30.

All plans also include EU roaming, and EE is also keen to promote only UK and Irish call centres for customer service.

EE Flex Plans - July 25 2018
EE Flex Plans – July 25 2018

Users that stay on a Flex plan will benefit from a data boost of 500MB every three months, and data unused in one month will roll over one more month.

Should the data or call minutes be used up before the next 30 day period, customers can make a one-off payment to add more data/minutes as necessary. Data add-ons will be charged at £1.50 for 100MB, £5 for 500MB, and £7.50 for 1GB.

More info: EE Flex SIM

One thought on “EE revises prepay tarffs with new ‘Flex’ plans, including data roll over

  1. So EE want to make these Flex payg plans seem more like a contract with automatic monthly payments but still don’t give the users of the plans the other contract advantages like VoLTE or WiFiCalling?


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