Huawei confirms September 19th launch for Mate 30 series in Germany

September 19th is the confirmed date for the launch of the new Mate 30 series of phones.

At this time, its not clear what the situation will be regarding the inclusion of Google services (and if not included, how easy it might be to side-load).

Fingers crossed, there will be some more clarity on this in the coming days.

The exact specification of the Mate 30 phones is not yet known, although there have been various leaks that hint at further improvements to the camera sensors (compared to the Huawei P30 Pro).

A new circular design continues Huawei’s desire to ensure the Mate series handsets stand out and are easily identifiable.

It’s also a given that 5G will be a part of some, if not all, of the Mate 30 series devices (except perhaps the Mate 30 Lite, if there is one).

I am currently en route to Berlin for IFA, where it is expected that Huawei will use its keynote speech (on September 6th) to introduce the new Kirin 990 chipset, with embedded 5G modem.

There will also be many other announcements made at IFA, including the possibility of a new smartwatch and news on the status of the Mate X, which has recently been delayed to upgrade both the chipset and camera to offer further enhancements in time for its likely launch in October or November.


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