Three 5G Testing Part Two: North London

So, after a disappointing start to Three’s 5G service north of London last week, I ventured into (north) London to try again.

As before, I went armed with a 5G phone to try out Three’s service, plus a phone to try EE’s service in the same location.

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that there must be capacity issues with many 5G sites from Three, but my search for superfast 5G on Three continues.

Perhaps in the coming weeks I will need to venture far beyond the M25, as some people have experienced far quicker speeds outside of the south east.

Please watch the video for the tests, or jump below to see the results in text form.

As ever, let me know your experiences of 5G on Three if you’ve signed up. If you know of a location that performs brilliantly, please post the location and I’ll try and fit it in on my future travels.

Three vs EE network testing video

Speed Test results

The handsets used were the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G on Three, and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G on EE. Testing was carried out using nPerf.

Southgate Underground Station

  • Three 5G test one: 158.39 down / 28.30 up / 30ms
  • Three 5G test two: 175.98 down / 27.40 up / 32ms
  • EE 5G test one: 543.13 down / 36.42 up / 22ms
  • EE 5G test two: 450.25 down / 42.00 up / 21ms

Wetherspoons, King’s Cross

  • Three 5G test one: 4.47 down / 5.08 up / 40ms
  • Three 5G test two: 4.05 down / 3.57 up / 39ms
  • EE 5G test one: 231.75 down / 16.60 up / 43ms
  • EE 5G test two: 229.69 down / 15.78 up / 35ms

Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross

  • Three 5G test one: 15.40 down / 17.10 up / 41ms
  • Three 5G test two: 13.78 down / 22.00 up / 34ms
  • EE 5G test one: 188.03 down / 39.48 up / 28ms
  • EE 5G test two: 237.21 down / 11.89 up / 36ms


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