Nokia unveils new products today, as HMD Global revises its product strategy for 2021

HMD Global is set to launch new Nokia phones later today, and you can watch it all yourself at 1500 UK time. [Update; see the details in the video below]

According to rumours circulating the web, there could be as many as six new devices coming. It seems the rather awkward product numbering system from before is changing (so no more Nokia x.1, x.2, x.3 revisions) to something that will more clearly define the series/category of phone using letters and numbers.

At least two or three of the new phones are expected to include 5G, with a mix of camera and processor specs (mixing SoCs from both Qualcomm and MediaTek), large battery capacities and fast-charging.

Elsewhere it is speculated the Nokia might switch from using Android One for a more customised Nokia skin, although that isn’t likely to be part of today’s announcement – rather something for the future (but existing models could perhaps get the new features through over-the-air updates).

Whatever happens, there are certainly going to be some changes in the future of the company as HMD Global moves forward without its previous Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, who left the company in March and has now taken up a new position at Qualcomm.

UPDATE: Here is what launched…

As guessed, there were six new phones – plus news that HMD Global will also launch a virtual network, using EE’s network, called HMD Mobile. Prices will start at £6.50 per month for unlimited calls, texts, and 1GB of data (with bundles available for up to 25GB of data).

  • Nokia C10
  • Nokia C20
  • Nokia G10
  • Nokia G20
  • Nokia X10
  • Nokia X20
HMD Global also announced HMD Mobile – a MVNO that will run on EE’s network


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