MediaTek launches Dimensity 9000 SoC for next-generation flagship smartphones

The octo-core chip will come with a 3.05GHz Cortex-X2 Ultra-Core, LPDDR5x RAM at 7500Mbps, support for 180Hz displays, 18-bit HDR imaging and 320-megapixel cameras, Bluetooth 5.3, plus 160MHz Wi-Fi 6E and 7Gbps 5G download potential.

It’s fair to say this is quite an impressive specification (you can get the finer details below) and earlier in the month, Twitter was alive with talk of a supposed AnTuTu benchmark result (then thought to be Dimensity 2000) which produced a score of over 1 million!

Dimensity 9000 AnTuTu Result? (Score shown 1,002,220)

It’s not known if this was a genuine result, and it certainly raised alarm bells amongst the online community, including concerns from the AnTuTu app itself, but if these results are real then we can look forward to an incredible performance.

Regardless of the benchmarking score, the 4nm SoC brings a wealth of real-world benefits, with improved connectivity (up to 300MHz of 5G spectrum aggregated over three carriers), and support for next-generation displays and cameras.

The fact the chip is ready for up to 320-megapixel cameras isn’t likely to be MediaTek simply showing off – but rather a sign of at least one device coming in the future that will take advantage of this support.

It’s also interesting to see how the capability of capturing HDR video on three cameras simultaneously might work. Could it offer close-up and wide-angle shooting on the rear simultaneously, while recording from the front camera (ideal for vloggers), or perhaps three cameras pointing in one direction to give more control in editing? That will of course be down to the handset makers to take full advantage of.

Likewise, for gaming, the new Arm Mali-G710 GPU introduces a new raytracing SDK to support new graphics techniques to Android games. With the 180Hz refresh rates, the potential there is pretty exciting too.

We must now sit back and wait to see what the manufacturers will make of this new chip, and when we can get a product to try out. It probably won’t take long for manufacturers to announce their intention to use this new chipset so watch this space.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Key Specifications

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At the MediaTek summit in California, the company also announced the following:

  • New Pentonic smart TV family, starting with the 7nm Pentonic 2000 that will power next-gen 8K televisions (up to 120Hz) and 144Hz for gaming PCs and consoles.
  • MediaTek Filogic 130 and 130A SoCs that brings Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity to IoT devices.
  • AMD RZ6000 series Wi-Fi 6E modules to contain MediaTek’s 330P chipset with 6GHz spectrum at 160MHz channel bandwidth, as well as Bluetooth 5.2.
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