Hands on with the Honor 5X + Honor 7 Premium and AM175 earphones

Following the launch and simultaneous release for sale, I had a chance to get some photos of the Honor 5X, the successor to last year’s Honor 4X.

This time around the phone has had a makeover with a metal chassis, improved Qualcomm 616 SoC, a newer 13-megapixel camera, and a fingerprint sensor that can also launch different apps depending on what finger you use.

Like the 4X, you can also use two SIM cards and a memory card slot so you won’t have to decide between more connectivity or more storage.

The phone retails at £189.99 with a discount currently available to early adopters of £30 (£20 off the cost of the phone and £10 credit for accessories or other phones).


Updated: Honor 5X Camera Images

See my first impressions gallery of photos taken with the Honor 5X.

Honor 7 Premium

In addition to the Honor 5X, Honor also announced the Honor 7 Premium. Coming soon and without a retail price as yet, the Honor 7 Premium comes with 32GB of internal storage instead of 16GB (useful if you opt for two SIMs and have to go without a memory card) and ships with a 9V/2A fast charger.

Earphones AM175

On the accessory side, Honor finished off its launch day with the announcement of the AM175 earphones, featuring hybrid technology and balanced amature drivers by Knowles that means greater sensitivity and reduced impedance.

Honor AM175 earphones

The AM175 will ship from March 2016 and be available in a choice of colours, inclduing black and white.


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