EE’s game-changing plans coming soon: Roam Like Home, Unlimited BT Sport and up to 40GB EU Data

Whether we’re leaving the EU one day or not, it isn’t slowing the industry from stepping up the competition when it comes to European roaming. This time, it’s the turn of EE to shake things up – big time.

EE logoThree kicked things off with its 3G-only, heavily throttled, Feel at Home service (or indeed, its earlier 3LikeHome service), and recently Vodafone decided to bundle an allowance for European data roaming (up to 4GB per month) on its newest plans.

EE, Vodafone and O2 also all offer daily roaming bundles of varying value. Roaming in Europe is certainly a lot cheaper than it was. It’s even quite affordable if you simply opt to pay the normal heavily capped charging rates instead.

But now it seems like my roaming guide will have to be re-written once again soon, as EE is about to shake things up considerably for anyone that wants or needs access to a lot of data when travelling.

From mid-August, EE will introduce a new range of ‘essential’ plans that can be ‘upsold’ to add extra features.

Watching TV on the beach?


  • Capped minutes & unlimited texts
  • 300MB to 2GB of UK data per month

Then for an extra £2.50 per month, customers can upgrade to:


  • EU roaming minutes & SMS
  • 500MB of EU data (4G)
  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 1GB-20GB of UK data per month

Then, for an additional £5 per month on top (so £7.50 more in total), customers can climb to the top of the tree and get:


  • BT Sport (for the duration of the contract and as long as you remain a customer thereafter)
  • EU Roam Like Home
  • 12 Month Apple Annual Upgrade (the finer details of this are still unclear, but it would appear to allow upgrades annually to the latest iPhone)
  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 3GB-40GB of UK and EU data (4G)

Laptop hotdesking
The Finer Details

The exact pricing for the base plans isn’t known yet, nor the availability of SIM-only deals. This will be available when the new plans launch, which is likely the day after the current promotions end (August 16th).

However, there’s no doubt they are going to seriously shake things up. A potential of 40GB of unthrottled, 4G data, is bound to have some people salivating like hungry dogs.

  • EE is currently repeating its promotion on the current flagship 16GB SIM-only plan, offering EU calls and texts, plus 500MB of daily EU data for £3 a day. It also now comes with six months of BT Sport for just £19.99 a month (and cheaper still at £16.49 a month if you have an existing account) until 16th August 2016. As it seems rather unlikely the 4GEE Max Plans will be as cheap as this, it still represents a great deal.

4 thoughts on “EE’s game-changing plans coming soon: Roam Like Home, Unlimited BT Sport and up to 40GB EU Data

  1. I’m in Spain at the moment roaming on an EE max plan. Seems relatively unthrottled but noticed I’m unable to download apps or app updates from Play store.

    Also only able to roam on Orange. Get rejected trying to select Movistar or Vodafone.

    Overall pretty good and nice to be able to use up to 15GB for free though would say that Vodafone worked a little better.

    1. The play store not updating is apparently an Android Nougat bug (affects updates during roaming only regardless of carrier) so unfair to blame EE on that one.

  2. The irony is that under T-Mobile, it offered cheap, unlimited worldwide roaming with tethering at £4/day (capped at £48/mth if in Europe), yet they are trying to flog this as it some amazing reduction in price. Odd.


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