StorySign app for Android helps deaf children better enjoy storytime, thanks to Huawei’s AI technology

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A new app called StorySign, utilising the power of Huawei’s AI technology, will give deaf children a greater chance of enjoying storytime, by assisting parents and children when reading books.

StorySign app

The app is available now from the Google Play store, featuring a single book – Spot the Dog – to start with, but growing to include more titles as time goes on.

Spot the Dog can be enjoyed by deaf children by simply holding the phone over the pages of the physical book, which will then prompt a friendly avatar called Sign to use sign language in real-time. This allows the child to properly understand the words from the book, where it might otherwise be difficult for a parent (or teacher) to sound the words.

The app will work with any Android phone, but when used on a recent Huawei smartphone like the Mate 20 Pro, with its dual Neural Processing Units, the performance is greatly optimised, allowing more accurate recognition from wider angles, plus faster loading times for the pages so children will not be made to wait to find out what happens next.

  • StorySign can be downloaded in ten markets across Europe (each market getting one single book which might vary from country to country), and more information can be found on the StorySign website, including how to make a donation to support deaf child literacy projects around Europe, as well as finding out about more books to come.