Has Huawei got a potential lifeline to solve the Google apps issue and bring the Mate 30 Pro to the UK?

  • Possible deal could see Google Apps coming after all
  • Plus, it’s not time to write off the P30 Pro yet!

We already know the current situation with Huawei and the Mate 30 Series lacking access to Google apps, but earlier this week there were some positive signs that the situation could, possibly, maybe, get resolved by the US allowing American businesses to sell to Huawei, under licence.

It’s certainly too early to break out the champagne, but this could potentially allow Google to get its apps and services back on to new Huawei devices. Richard Yu already said after the Munich phone launch that an over-the-air update could be rolled out very quickly.

If this did happen, it would make it a lot easier to put the Mate 30 Pro on sale, doing away with trying to convince consumers to give up services like Drive, Google Photos or the Play Store, or turning a blind eye to unofficial methods to sideloading the software that could potentially stop working at any time.

Having spoken to an industry insider who wished to remain anonymous, I’ve been told it could be very quick to get devices on sale in the high street should this happen.

At least one network has carried out all the necessary handset testing, so most of the work required to get any new phone on sale has already been done.

It’s a fair assumption that others did too, given how far in advance networks look at new phones to add to their portfolio.

The only issue concerning the network now would be knowing that any such solution would ensure updates for the whole duration that the phone is on sale, and for the length of any handset contract (usually two years).

In effect, that means providing customer support for two or three years. Long after a lot of us may have moved on to something new!

P30 Pro isn’t going anywhere soon!

Until everything is sorted and hopefully Donald Trump is one step closer to jail, anyone looking to buy a phone with an excellent camera experience is strongly advised to look at the P30 Pro, which now comes with two new colour variants. Android 10 has been included on the new colours, while it will shortly be available to existing owners too.

Take some time to look at the photos myself and many others have taken. You can see for yourself just how amazing this phone is.

The gallery now has in excess of 1100 photos and anyone can add their own pictures or video to it.

Here are some photos that have been added recently…

A reminder of what’s (possibly) to come

If you are willing to wait for the Mate 30 Pro, Huawei has published a series of videos on its YouTube channel to show off the many amazing features.

I am now sitting patiently hoping for some good news in the coming days, and watching these videos isn’t exactly helping my patience!

What do you think of the situation? Are you willing to wait it out, or will you be looking elsewhere?

Please post in the comments below…

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