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Oppo Find X2 Pro: First a great camera score, and now an audio rating that sounds great

The Oppo Find X2 Pro can boast an impressive position in the DxOMark rankings for both camera and now audio performance. A selfie camera rating is still pending.

DxOMark Audio Rating Find X2 Pro

Currently, the Oppo is up in third place for both its camera and audio score.

By comparison, when it comes to the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra sits in seventh position, while Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is at number ten.

On the audio side, Apple fares better in fifth place, while the S20 Ultra remains at number seven.

It’s the Huawei P40 Pro that currently sits at number one for camera performance, and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro up top for audio.

This is the leaderboard as of April 23rd and may change when new devices are tested. Likewise, Oppo’s Find X2 Pro is not yet on sale and the company has stated there will be a firmware update before it is, which DxOMark plans to re-review in due course – so the ratings could change.

But, back to the audio, and in playback testing DxOMark noted the smartphone was capable of “drawing the listener in,” thanks to strong bass presence, pleasing punch feeling at soft and nominal volume, good localizability, and very few artifacts.

In audio recording, the Find X2 Pro was deemed amongst the best for almost every sub-attribute.

Full Review: DxOMark Oppo Find X2 Pro Audio Test

DxOMark Audio Rating Find X2 Pro
DxOMark Audio Rating Table


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